Film Database

We're proud of all the films screened at BSISFSS. Please use the table below to browse titles from every season.

Title Year
Filmmaker Last Name First Name Country Winner?
505g 2012 Azencott Jeremy France Selected
LUMINARIS 2012 Zaramella & Cornillin Juan Pablo & Gustavo Spain Winner
Curfew 2012 Hubbard Brenden USA Selected
Douglas 2012 Vedder Brandon USA Selected
A Date With Fate 2012 Taylor Venetia Australia Selected
The Piano Tuner 2012 Treiner Olivier France Selected
Return, The (Kthimi) 2012 Rei-Perrine AJ Kosovo Selected
The Future 2012 Taylor Venetia Australia Selected
Le Robot des Etoiles 2012 Debusschère Jérôme France Selected
Lost Paradise 2011 Brezis Mihal Israel Selected
Air 2011 Davies Luke USA Selected
Pentecost 2011 McDonald Peter Ireland Selected
Two Men, Two Cows, Two Guns 2011 Parker Pardis USA Selected
Ecliptic 2011 Wiget Andreas Germany Selected
Shoe 2011 Kelly Nick Ireland Selected
Requiem for Kosova 2011 Ismailaj Dhimitri USA / Kosovo Selected
Chimères Absentes 2011 Ardant Fanny Italy Selected
My Name Is Pochsy: An Industrial Film 2011 Hines Karen Canada Selected
Shy /aux timides anonymes 2011 DUCHER Eric France Selected
Yelp: With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg's Howl 2011 Shlain Tiffany USA Selected
Be The Light 2011 Khalsa Guru USA Selected
All Animals 2011 Mitchell & Arnold Cynthia & Robert USA Selected
Play With Me 2011 Skalski Rafal Poland Selected
Ghild 2011 Yarovesky David USA Selected
Watching 2011 Myers Max UK Selected