Film Database

We're proud of all the films screened at BSISFSS. Please use the table below to browse titles from every season.

Title Year
Filmmaker Last Name First Name Country Winner?
Affection 2015 Suwala Malgorzata Poland Selected
Primrose 2015 Aranovitch Clara USA/Chile/Argentina Selected
Changing Hands 2015 Jøran Waerdahl Vidar Dahl & Norway Selected
The Counsellor 2015 Taylor Venetia Australia Selected
Chronicles of Courage 2015 Mills Ernest U.K. Finalist
Life's A Bitch 2015 Jaros François Canada Selected
Catch It 2015 Menzies Sarah USA/France/Norway Selected
Little Children Big Words 2015 J Larsson Lisa Sweden Selected
God of Love 2015 Matheny Luke USA Finalist
One Minute Time Machine 2015 Avery Devon U.K. Selected
The Shadow Forest / Las Cieni 2015 Cichocki Andrzej Poland Selected
Birthday 2015 King Chris USA Selected
Me and My Moulton 2015 Kove Torill Norway Selected
Practice Makes Perfect 2015 Avery Devon U.K. Selected
Syndromeda 2015 Eklund Patrik Sweden Finalist
Vanity 2015 Perez Arturo USA Selected
The Mourning Hour 2015 Cohen Susan USA Selected
Hot Chicks 2015 Thyberg Ninja Sweden Selected
Catwalk 2015 Thyberg Ninja Sweden Selected
Lost in Stångby 2015 Ahlbeck Therese Finalist
W stronę / The Side 2015 Casianov Alex Poland Selected
Pleasure 2015 Thyberg Ninja Sweden Selected
What A Pool Believes 2015 Mills Ted USA Selected
Do I Have To Take Care Of Everything 2015 Vihunen Selma Finland Selected
Life, Lust and Longing 2015 Larsson Lisa Sweden Selected