Opening Night of the Tenth Annual Series, 2015 Season

This event is by RESERVATION ONLY. Please reserve your seat by clicking here HERE  call 831-667-2574. Films are shown on a big screen hung from a redwood tree. Doors at 8 pm; movies start when it gets dark. Come early and enjoy the world's best pop corn. Event is by donation. Thank you for your support! Questions? Call us! 831-667-2574.

Films This Week


By: Oded Binnun & Mihal Breziz , Israel

Two strangers unexpectedly meet at an airport. He mistakenly confuses her to be his assigned driver. She, enchanted by the random encounter, does not hurry to prove him wrong.

Catch It

By: Sarah Menzies , USA/France/Norway

Though she grew up chasing surf in the warm waters of southern France, Lea Brassy’s nomadic lifestyle has led her to Northern Norway, where frigid waves crash into a rugged coastline and mountains rise straight up from the sea. Finding simplicity and an appealing balance between nature and humanity, she parks her van for awhile to connect with the landscape. Fishing, climbing and surfing in a thick wetsuit, even while the snow falls around her, Brassy reminds us that living simply is living fully. San Diego Surf Film Festival, Best Short, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect

By: Devon Avery , U.K.

A nervous, twelve-year-old Clint is having trouble enjoying his first date with Sally. For weeks, he has been practicing for his first kiss and now, the moment is almost upon him. He must make the right move or live a life of regrets and a missed opportunity.


By: Rajko Ristanovic , Serbia

A chance encounter between two men with a shared point in the past. A game of destiny or cosmic justice? This time the balance of power has shifted. Is it time to settle the score? Screenplay is based on the short story RAZOR by Vladimir Nabokov.