Film Database

We're proud of all the films screened at BSISFSS. Please use the table below to browse titles from every season.

Title Year
Filmmaker Last Name First Name Country Winner?
All Hallow's Week 2014 Hitunen Jussi Finland Selected
Snow 2014 Nicolayssen Hans Otto Norway Finalist
Incident 2014 Rhodes Austin USA Selected
Good Karma $1 2013 Berger & Laslett Jason & Amy USA Selected
To Kill A Child 2013 Alexander Skarsgård Björne Larson and Sweden Finalist
The Cup Reader 2013 Araj Suha Palestine Selected
Asad 2013 Buckley Bryan South Africa Finalist
The River 2013 Handel Sam USA Selected
First Date 2013 DeGennaro Steven USA Selected
Henry 2013 England Yan Canada Audience Award
Big Leap, the 2013 Rus Kristoffer Poland/Sweden Selected
Towards The Sun 2013 Knag Nina Norway Finalist
Qe skem a'malla harza 2013 Rehm Tobias Germany Selected
Les Lézards 2013 Mariette Vincent France Winner
Courte Vie 2013 El Fadili Adil Morocco Selected
Bottled Up 2013 Cortina Raffy USA Selected
The Man with the Golden Brain 2013 Chemla Joan France Selected
Statue 2013 Wilhelmine Olga USA Selected
Chef De Meute 2013 Robichaud Chloé Canada Selected
Dreams in the Depths 2013 Isarian Armin Iran Selected
Piedra Angular 2013 Lledó Mariola Spain Selected
Another Stupid Day 2013 Embry Blaise USA Selected
Deadline 2013 Van Walsum Alexander France Selected
The Chair 2013 Grainger David USA Selected
Os Vivos Tambem Choram 2013 da Cunha Basil Portugal Selected