Film Database

We're proud of all the films screened at BSISFSS. Please use the table below to browse titles from every season.

Title Year
Filmmaker Last Name First Name Country Winner?
Tundra Cowboy 2014 Winkler Marc Canada Selected
The Toll 2014 Simpson Scott Canada Selected
The Most Urgent Longings of Eleonore Schwartz 2014 MÀÜnnich Anna Germany Selected
Yearbook 2014 Britto Bernardo USA Selected
Sticky 2014 Rose Jilli Australia Finalist
Check Please 2014 James Geoffrey USA Selected
Sunshine Through The Rain 2014 Simeonov Hristo Bulgaria Selected
Division Azul 2014 Marti Sergi Spain Selected
Money Back Please 2014 Hafnor Even Sweden Selected
Foad 2014 Samsami Farzad Norway Selected
Moments 2014 Cronin Chris United Kingdom Selected
Misterio 2014 Garcia Ibarra Chema Spain Selected
Godka Cirka 2014 Tibaldi Antonio Somalia/Spain Finalist
Tree Without a Root 2014 Hassanova Rouzie United Kingdom/Bulgaria Selected
Verbatim 2014 Weiner Brett USA Selected
La Carnada 2014 Soskin Joshua USA Selected
Animals I Killed Last Summer 2014 Danielsson Gustav Sweden Selected
Faster! 2014 Ullrich Marie USA Selected
Helium 2014 Walter Anders Denmark Audience Award
Broken Heart Syndrome 2014 Mancini Dusty Canada Selected
Fear of Flying 2014 Finnegan Conor Ireland Selected
Coffee Time 2014 Fredriksson Maria Sweden Selected
Short is better! 2014 Frery Géraldine France Selected
Una Hora, Un Paso 2014 Gual/Iturizza Bernat/Aitor Spain Selected
Lomax 2014 Kreitzer Jesse USA Finalist