Film Database

We're proud of all the films screened at BSISFSS. Please use the table below to browse titles from every season.

Title Year
Filmmaker Last Name First Name Country Winner?
By Modern Measure 2007 Lessner Matthew France Selected
Regarding Sarah 2007 Porter Michelle Canada Selected
Darling, Darling 2007 Lessner Matthew USA Selected
Bug Crush 2007 Smth Carter USA Selected
The Fan and the Flower 2007 Plympton Bill USA 3d Place
Rain Is Falling 2007 Ernst Holger Germany/Morocco Selected
The Final Step 2007 Colangelo Francesco Italy Selected
Travelin' Trains 2007 Mofford Eric USA Selected
Get The Picture 2007 Wyatt Rupert UK Selected
Lacreme Napulitane 2007 Satta Francesco Italy Selected
Le Gardien du Nid 2007 Pesch Olivier Luxembourg Selected
I'll See You In My Dreams 2007 Angel Vivas Miguel Portugal Finalist
Facts of Life 2007 Roether-Zsigmond Susan USA Selected
For Interieur 2007 Poubel Patrick France Winner
That Old One! 2007 Henry James Scotland Selected
Troll Concerto 2007 Franchi Alexandre Canada Selected
Five Minutes, Mr. Welles 2006 D’Onofrio Vincent USA Selected
Dos Encuentros 2006 Griffin Alan Spain/Ghana Selected
Joey 2006 Montuori Stein Nancy USA Selected
Talking with Angels 2006 Ali Khan Yousaf U.K. Selected
Charlie Noir 2006 Davidson Keith USA Finalist
Las Superamigas Contra el Profesor Vinilo 2006 González Domingo Spain Selected
One Minute Past Midnight 2006 Galan Julve Celia U.K. Selected
Passing Hearts 2006 Brisinger Johan Sweden Selected
Tumshie McFadgen’s Bid for Ultimate Bliss 2006 Hynd Simon Scotland Selected