Film Database

We're proud of all the films screened at BSISFSS. Please use the table below to browse titles from every season.

Title Year
Filmmaker Last Name First Name Country Winner?
Lacreme Napulitane 2007 Satta Francesco Italy Selected
Le Gardien du Nid 2007 Pesch Olivier Luxembourg Selected
I'll See You In My Dreams 2007 Angel Vivas Miguel Portugal Finalist
Facts of Life 2007 Roether-Zsigmond Susan USA Selected
Troll Concerto 2007 Franchi Alexandre Canada Selected
For Interieur 2007 Poubel Patrick France Winner
That Old One! 2007 Henry James Scotland Selected
Patterns Triology (3) 2007 Travis Jamie Canda Selected
Dog Days 2007 de Crecy Geoffrey France Selected
A Summer Night Rendez-Vous 2007 Miailhe Florence France Selected
Bonjour Danny Bonjour 2007 Shumway Brett USA Finalist
The Tale of How 2007 The Blackheart Gang France Selected
Mon Amour Mon Parapluie 2007 Dobrzenska Giada Canada Selected
The Shovel 2007 Childs Nick USA Selected
El Viaje de Said 2007 Rioboo Coke Spain Selected
Bamboleho 2007 Prieto Luis Spain Selected
Ester 2006 Elmquist Petra Sweden Selected
At Dawning 2006 Jones Martin U.K. Selected
Binta and the Great Idea 2006 Fesser Javier Spain/Senegal Winner
Gimme Kiss 2006 Lindstrom Sonja USA Selected
A WOL 2006 McGrath Rae USA Selected
El Gran Zambini 2006 Legarreta Igor Basque/Spain 3d Place
A Step Into The Void 2006 Sonderegger Christian France Selected
The Receipt 2006 Garrick Tim USA Selected
Destino 2006 Dali & Disney Salvador & Walt USA/Spain Finalist