Film Database

We're proud of all the films screened at BSISFSS. Please use the table below to browse titles from every season.

Title Year
Filmmaker Last Name First Name Country Winner?
Razor 2015 Ristanovic Rajko Serbia Selected
La Reina 2015 Abramovitch Manuel Argentina Selected
Plein Soleil 2015 Castadot Fred Belgium 3d Place
Keys Of Heaven / Paratiisin avaimet 2015 Ramezan Hamy Finland | Germany | Turkey Finalist
Aya 2015 Mihal Breziz Oded Binnun & Israel Winner
Garbo 2015 Taylor Venetia Australia Finalist
A Doll's House 2015 Bosen Tobias Gundorff Denmark Finalist
Still Born 2015 Sandzén Åsa Sweden Selected
Games People Play 2015 Westlake Dawn USA Selected
A Present For Robert 2015 Aubert Partick Canada Selected
The Last Days of Peter Bergman 2015 Cassady Ciaran Ireland Selected
Haiku-4 2015 Pisio Lyle Canada Selected
On Suffocation 2015 Malmqvist Jenifer Sweden Selected
Père 2015 Achour Lotfi Tunisia Selected
Kirschkuchen 2015 Engler Silke Germany Selected
Listen 2015 Hamy Ramezan Ryoni Rungano & Denmark/Finland Selected
Cops and Robbers 2015 Alfano Eddie USA Selected
The Universe in Us 2015 Krane Lisa Germany Selected
Family Dinner 2015 Constaninescu Stefan Sweden Selected
Dreaming Awake & the Exquisite Doors of the Fractal Self 2015 Godbe Lipman Blaise USA Selected
Balazher 2015 Kordonets Lesia Ukraine Selected
Interruption 2015 Suzin Adam Poland Selected
Grey Bull 2015 Bell Eddy Australia Finalist
Coffee To Go 2015 Font Patricia France Selected
Edith & Aljosja 2015 Holmgren Ann Norway | Sweden Selected