Film Database

We're proud of all the films screened at BSISFSS. Please use the table below to browse titles from every season.

Title Year
Filmmaker Last Name First Name Country Winner?
Apple 2008 Rudstrom Jonas Sweden Selected
Equipajes 2008 Bestard Toni Spain Selected
Resistance aux tremblements 2008 Hems Olivier France Selected
I Fucking Hate You 2008 Forsman Zak USA Selected
Traumalogia 2008 Sanchez Arevalo Daniel Spain Finalist
L’Etoile De Mer (The Starfish) 2008 Deruas Caroline France Selected
Duck Man 2008 Hennigan Brian UK Selected
Taxi? 2008 Esnal Telmo Spain Selected
Barbara Broadcast 2008 Collette & Tollet Jean-Julien & Olivier Belgium Selected
The Pocket Thief 2008 Mann Scott UK Selected
Baby, Let’s Play House 2008 Gur-Arieh Sivan USA Selected
Closed (Verschlossen) 2008 Radl Ablert Germany Selected
Private Life 2008 Robinson Abbe UK Selected
Koest (Doggie) 2008 van Dusseldorp Simone Netherlands Finalist
Lucky Oli (Olis Chance) 2008 Unseld & Weiland Saschka & Johannes Germany Selected
Trout 2008 Barrington Johnny UK Selected
Love Hurts 2008 Simmons Christian USA Selected
Rosalie & Bruno 2008 Nobis Katharina Germany Selected
True Colours 2008 Elliott Barney UK Selected
Der Aufreisser 2008 Weinert Steffen Germany Selected
The Runt 2008 Hykade Andreas Germany Selected
Two Swimmers 2008 Sander Steven UK Selected
Tom & Gry 2008 Holstad Jarl Norway Selected
Intervention 2008 Duplass Jay USA Selected
X 2008 Wahl Raphael Germany Selected