Film Database

We're proud of all the films screened at BSISFSS. Please use the table below to browse titles from every season.

Title Year Filmmaker Last Name
First Name Country Winner?
La Victoire Sur Les Sachets 2010 Sarkis France/ Turkey Selected
The Tale of How 2007 The Blackheart Gang France Selected
Henry 2013 England Yan Canada Audience Award
Battalion To My Beat 2017 Imanishi Eimi Algeria / Western Sahara Selected
To Guard a Mountain 2013 Izer Aliu Norway/Macedonia Selected
Delphi 2017 Langkjær Bojsen Søren Peter Denmark Selected
Local Tourists 2012 Lenox Doug USA Selected
Dangerous Games 2010 Abramovic Marina Serbia / Netherlands Selected
La Reina 2015 Abramovitch Manuel Argentina Selected
Little Horses 2015 Abrino Levi USA Selected
A Boy, A Wall, And A Donkey 2010 Abu-Assad Hanu Palestine Selected
Père 2015 Achour Lotfi Tunisia Selected
Lost in Stångby 2015 Ahlbeck Therese Finalist
Marvelous, Keen Loony Bin 2007 Akana Lizzi USA Selected
5 Recuerdos 2010 Alcaine & Marquez Oriana & Alejandra Spain Selected
An American Attorney in London 2017 Alden Darrell UK Selected
To Kill A Child 2013 Alexander Skarsgård Björne Larson and Sweden Finalist
Cops and Robbers 2015 Alfano Eddie USA Selected
Talking with Angels 2006 Ali Khan Yousaf U.K. Selected
Amuak 2006 Almandoz Koldo Basque/Spain Selected
Zela Trovke 2014 Altuna Asier Spain/Pays Basque Winner
Elemenopee 2008 Amoore Natalia Australia Selected
Dotty 2013 Andrews Mick New Zealand Finalist
I'll See You In My Dreams 2007 Angel Vivas Miguel Portugal Finalist
Suiker 2011 Annokkée Jeroen Netherlands Selected