Film Database

We're proud of all the films screened at BSISFSS. Please use the table below to browse titles from every season.

Title Year Filmmaker Last Name First Name
Country Winner?
Needle 2013 Ghazvinizadeh Anahita USA Finalist
Suspended 2013 Walshe-Howling Damian Australia Selected
Solitudes 2013 Jedlicki Liova Romania/France Selected
MADDOGGIN' 2012 Heuston Terence USA Selected
Changing Hands 2015 Jøran Waerdahl Vidar Dahl & Norway Selected
Henry 2013 England Yan Canada Audience Award
Who Wants To Be An Amerikan 2007 Beckum Aaron Canada Selected
La Ragazza e la Gondola 2014 Robinson Abbe UK/Italy Selected
Private Life 2008 Robinson Abbe UK Selected
Salvador 2008 Hwidar Abdelatif Spain Selected
N’Dimagou 2010 Sissako Abderrahmane Mauritania Selected
Closed (Verschlossen) 2008 Radl Ablert Germany Selected
Harvie Krumpet 2006 Elliot Adam Australia Audience Award
Interruption 2015 Suzin Adam Poland Selected
Courte Vie 2013 El Fadili Adil Morocco Selected
Il Gioco (The Game) 2011 Giannini Adriano Italy Finalist
Return, The (Kthimi) 2012 Rei-Perrine AJ Kosovo Selected
Dos Encuentros 2006 Griffin Alan Spain/Ghana Selected
Broken 2006 Ferrari Alex USA Selected
W stronę / The Side 2015 Casianov Alex Poland Selected
Peacemaker 2009 Pastor Alex Spain Selected
Deadline 2013 Van Walsum Alexander France Selected
Desert Wedding 2009 Fisher Alexandra USA Selected
Troll Concerto 2007 Franchi Alexandre Canada Selected
Great Expectations 2010 Gubenco Alexei Romania Selected