A Doll's House, 2015

By: Tobias Gundorff Bosen , Denmark


Nora lives a perfect life, in her perfect home, with her perfect husband Helmer. Nora knows she should feel excited about the upcoming party, where they'll have guests over. But something within her feels very wrong. Uncomfortable dellusions and a nagging doubt she can't quite place, has started to haunt her. Unable to recognize herself as of late, she has started longing for something she doesn't know what is. Fortunately she has her beloved Helmer by her side, to keep her calm and talk her down. But not all is what it looks to be, and outside the safe walls of the doll house a desillusioned little girl struggles to make sense of her parent's relationship. "A Doll's House" combines techniques and layers in a modern parafrase over Henrik Ibsens classical story about Nora and Helmer. A story that, brought into a modern day performance culture, has more relevance than ever.

BSISFSS Achievement: Finalist

Website: http://tobiasgboesen.blogspot.com/