7th Night of the Tenth Annual Series, 2015 Season

This event is by RESERVATION ONLY. Please reserve your seat by clicking here HERE  call 831-667-2574. Films are shown on a big screen hung from a redwood tree. Doors at 8 pm; movies start when it gets dark. Come early and enjoy the world's best pop corn. Event is by donation. Thank you for your support! Questions? Call us! 831-667-2574.

Films This Week


By: Ninja Thyberg , Sweden

Nine-year old Ella realizes the importance of fashion, and starts revolting against her childhood.


By: Clara Aranovitch , USA/Chile/Argentina

At the Primrose Campground along the Kenai Lake of Alaska, a brief, unlikely love story takes place.

The Last Days of Peter Bergman

By: Ciaran Cassady , Ireland

In the summer of 2009, a man calling himself Peter Bergmann arrived in Sligo Town. Over his final three days, he would go to great lengths to ensure no one would ever discover who he was or where he came from.

The Universe in Us

By: Lisa Krane , Germany

A strange biological malformation is detected inside the body of young dancer Li - a second, fully developed heart has grown in her chest. Doctors are mystified. Their search for possible causes remains inconclusive. While specialists encroach upon her body trying to examine the smallest molecule, Li refuses to see her condition as a "defect".