3d Night of the Tenth Annual Series, 2015 Season

This event is by RESERVATION ONLY. Please reserve your seat by clicking here HERE  call 831-667-2574. Films are shown on a big screen hung from a redwood tree. Doors at 8 pm; movies start when it gets dark. Come early and enjoy the world's best pop corn. Event is by donation. Thank you for your support! Questions? Call us! 831-667-2574.

Films This Week


By: Lesia Kordonets , Ukraine

Social systems come and go, but people remain. Since Soviet times an old ukrainian bus has been running along the outermost EU border. At the junction of this geo-political construct this old bus appears as fragile as the past itself. Will the bus come? Or not? Passengers wait patiently at the bus stop: and they dream that the bus will take them - perhaps to a better future.

Cops and Robbers

By: Eddie Alfano , USA

Eddie is frustrated. He's a 'typecast' actor, playing a cop on over a dozen TV shows. In an act of defiance against his complacent agent (Tim Bagley), Eddie takes drastic measures to land his dream role: a homicidal psycho killer. But can Hollywood see him as anything more than the kind, lovable guy he is?

Games People Play

By: Dawn Westlake , USA

A married couple vows never to speak another cross word, but playing some is not off the table.


By: Ninja Thyberg , Sweden

Behind the scenes of a porn shoot, the actors are practicing various positions. The rumor is that one of the girls is doing a double anal, an advanced routine that requires someone extremely tough.